Northwest Vision Associates (NVA) is an association of optometric physicians (ODs) and ophthalmologists (MDs) in private practice.   NVA is not an insurance company and does not offer insurance coverage for vision services.

NVA doctors provide services in professional offices that are independently owned and managed. To participate in NVA Vision Rewards a doctor must meet NVA credentialing standards and offer complete dispensing services.

NVA developed NVA Vision Rewards to make quality eye care more affordable when you see a doctor in private practice.   

With NVA Vision Rewards there are no special codes to remember, no coupons to clip, and no time-limited offers. Just  check our list of Participating Companies to see if you are a member, then choose a doctor from our list of Participating Doctors

When you make an appointment, let the person know that you are a member of NVA Vision Rewards.

It’s that simple.

“We see patients every day who have no health insurance or have a medical plan but no benefits for “routine” eye care.   We developed NVA Vision Rewards as a way to make services more affordable and to let people know they can see a local doctor in private practice whenever they need an exam or glasses.”           

Dr. Michael Egger, NVA President



NVA Vision Rewards is a unique program that saves you twenty percent (20%) on the cost of eye exams and glasses when you do not have insurance or your insurance plan does not include coverage for vision care.     

To enjoy savings you must be a member of a Participating Company and obtain services from an NVA Vision Rewards doctor.
Participating Companies are health plans, employers, unions, and other groups that have decided to offer NVA Vision Rewards as a way to give their members more options for quality vision care.

To see a list of Participating Companies and what it means to be a member, click here.

The doctors of NVA Vision Rewards are credentialed optometrists (ODs) and ophthalmologists (MDs) in private practice who belong to Northwest Vision Associates (NVA), a physician association based in Portland, Oregon.  Under this program, our doctors have agreed to accept a twenty percent (20%) discount from their usual and customary fees.      

These are the same doctors you will find on the provider panels of many health insurers in Oregon and Washington. 

To see our list of NVA Vision Rewards doctors, click here.                                                           


Your twenty percent (20%) discount is based on each doctor’s usual and customary charges.  It applies to all of the services or materials listed below when they are not covered by your insurance or a vision discount plan: 

  • Complete Eye Exams which include all necessary tests to check your eye health and how well you see

  • Quality Frames, from designer styles to special orders  

  • Glass and plastic spectacle lenses, whether single vision, bifocal, or trifocal lenses

  • Specialty spectacle lenses, including progressive, blended, lightweight, polycarbonate, Hi-Index, and prescription sunglasses

  • Essential lens upgrades:  anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating, UV coating, and tints 

To learn more about using our program, click here

If your company does not offer NVA Vision Rewards or if you are not a member of a Participating Company, you can still see an NVA doctor. 

For more information about available services and payment options for individuals, please contact your doctor of choice from the NVA Vision Rewards directory of participating doctors.   

If you have medical insurance and do not know if it includes benefits for vision care, be sure to contact your health insurer.  

If your company does not offer NVA  Vision Rewards and would like to participate, please have a company representative contact us

To learn more about available services or to schedule an appointment, please contact your NVA doctor of choice from our directory of providers.
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